Waste gas treatment equipment


Function: apply wet washing treatment to remove the particles and gaseous pollutants from 0.3 to 1um in exhaust gas.

Principle: use of effective contact between gas and liquid, through to isolate and absorb the pollutants in gas liquid, then after cleaning the contaminated gas and liquid separation, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air.

Treatment method: the exhaust gas is absorbed by the filling washing tower and washing liquid (the filler can increase the contact area) to remove the harmful particles in the exhaust gas.

The exhaust gas flows in the reverse flow through the filling washing tower bottom, and is fully exposed to the small drop of water droplets in the washing tower fog. The harmful particles in the waste gas are taken away from the small water droplets to achieve the purpose of purification.

After the purified gas is cooled and adjusted by droplets of water droplets, it is discharged into the atmosphere after defog treatment (i.e., dehydration).

In order to ensure greater contact area and effective contact time of the gas liquid, the packed column should have a resin surface and a suitable gap to reduce the gas upward resistance.


The filling material has large effective area, high efficiency of mass transfer, strong contact removal efficiency, uniform structure and energy conservation and environmental protection.

Small quality, fine structure, small space demand, high stack height, no special support;

Can remove 0.3-1um small particles, for 1-2um particles, the removal rate can reach 99%.

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