Fully automatic annular vertical lifting line.


This series of production lines have high automation, high efficiency, large production and convenient maintenance, low labor cost and easy to manage.

All the accessories and peripherals attached to this equipment are integrated in the main control panel for centralized management, convenient operation and monitoring.

All the components are highly reputable and reputable brand products to ensure high stability and high reliability in the long-term use of the equipment.

Using the humanized control panel, it can achieve the simple purpose of operation, and have the high degree of anti-error and anti-stay function, and the wrong operation and abnormality will immediately alarm and stop the work.

The whole process is monitored through the man-machine interface, and the cause of the fault can be checked for quick troubleshooting.

The plastic tank of the equipment USES the German rolex or Taiwan to import the new PP material, which is durable.

The frame adopts the national standard H steel. The channel steel and Angle iron are made, and the surface sandblasting is treated with the rainbow epoxy resin paint.

The working pedal is made of SUS304, and the surface is laid with high strength and acid and alkali FRP grating.

The chain wheel and the transmission mechanism all choose 45 # steel, the quality of the tempering and the high frequency quenching heat treatment, the bearing adopts the domestic famous brand.

The equipment adopts scientific and environmental protection design to improve the working environment and improve the service life of the equipment.

All circuits and pipelines of this equipment are carefully considered, not only for user's convenience, but also for each circuit.

The simplicity and efficiency of pipe fitting in use and maintenance.

The equipment is widely used in hardware, ABS plastics and other industries.

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