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The assembly line is of great importance to the improvement of factory production.
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Now society developed, the human resources to rise, makes a lot of enterprises are facing bankruptcy, speed up the modernization of factory production lines, is an enterprise's choice, our company produced a batch of production line equipment, the company's efficiency increased by 200%, greatly to reduce dependence on workers, assembly line is on a certain line continuous transport cargo handling machinery, also known as conveyor line or conveyor.

According to the transportation series products can be divided into: belt line, no power roller chain, multiple chain line, plug-in line, mesh belt line, suspension line and drum assembly line.

Generally include traction parts, bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirection devices and supporting parts.

Large assembly line transmission capacity and long distance, but also in the process of delivery at the same time to complete a number of process operation, so the application is very extensive, my company has professional custom installation medical authority certification, complete sales system, rapid response to customer's requirement, we will with the most affordable price, excellent quality, the fastest delivery to meet your requirements.

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