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A turning device in an assembly line.
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In addition to the purpose of using the turning conveyor, the conveying equipment and assembly line should be specially designed according to the specific situation when the functions of turning and lifting are used.

Also consider safe operation, long - term use of structural reliability.

The transportation and running direction need to be changed, because of the process, site and other factors in the assembly line system.

Therefore, various structural types of turning conveyor are needed.

Commonly used in the conveying equipment in production line turning device is turning turning turning roller conveyor, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, Angle of rotation, translation car, jack-up translational transition and so on.

1 turn roller conveyor.

The structure is simple, the turning roller conveyor line is the most commonly used to realize the horizontal turn of the conveyor line or the slope of the turn of the transmission equipment.

The price is low, and there are two kinds of driving modes: power manual drive and motor drive.

The frame has three main types: stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.

The drum is all conical roller. The Angle needs to be designed according to the turning radius and the width of the transmission line.

The surface of the drum is galvanized by carbon steel, coated with glue, polyurethane, etc., or materials with process pallets.

The turning roller conveyor is suitable for conveying the workpiece with flat surface at the bottom.

Turn the belt line.

The motor drives the drum to drive the belt line.

Turn belt conveyor assembly line through the two end conical rollers and pipeline a series of limit Angle roller sets the conveyor belt guide bar in the trajectory.

Therefore, in general, with the straight belt conveyor synchronous operation.

Suitable for conveying lighter materials, turning belt conveyor requires independent driving device.

The shape is irregular and can be transported, but the size of the material needs to be larger than that of the transition section.

If the material is very small and needs to be transported, the two transmission lines can be designed to be low and low and staggered, but it must be the material that can accept the drop.

Rotary table of rotation Angle.

On the platform, we can set up the conventional conveyor line of roller, belt, double speed chain, plate chain and so on.

The rotary table of the rotary corner is a rotation of a platform mechanism in a certain Angle.

And then you rotate around the center of the rotation.

The power of the rotary table is usually driven by the cylinder or the motor drive the gear rack, the motor drive by drive, the motor drive the rotary table a corner.

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