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A simple introduction to a common assembly line.
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The commonly used production lines can be divided into:

1. Chain assembly line.

Features: heavy load bearing products, synchronous operation of production line, can realize the product's climbing wave;

The tempo of production is not very fast;

With the layout as the unsupported, can realize the smooth delivery of products.

2. Drum assembly line.

Features: a wide range of products, limited by restrictions;

With the use of the blocker, it can realize the continuous product and the function of the product;

The uplift translation device can realize the offline repair of the product without affecting the operation of the whole assembly line.

3. Belt assembly line.

Features: belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt.

Using the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor belt conveying various light and heavy goods, can transport a variety of bulk material, also can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and so on for small pieces of goods, suitable for food, electronics, chemical industry, printing, etc.

Structure are: groove belt machine, flat belt machine, climbing belt machines, and other forms, conveyor belt can also add lifting, skirt edge and other accessories, can meet various technological requirements, on both sides of the conveyor with worktable, equipped with lamp, can be used as electronic instrument assembly, food packaging, such as the assembly line.

Fuselage structure material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum. The belt material: rubber, silicone, PVC, PU and other materials, except for ordinary material conveying, but also satisfy oil resistant, corrosion resistant, antistatic, etc have special requirements of material transportation, using special food grade conveyor belt, can meet the requirement of food, pharmacy, daily chemical and other industries

4. Mesh belt assembly line.

Features: / mesh belt conveyors, mesh belt conveyor mesh belt assembly line is widely used in the beverage bottle, aluminum cans, drugs, cosmetics, food industries such as transportation, by choosing different net belt can be made into storage bottle, hoist, sterilization machine, vegetable washing machine, cold bottle machine and meat industries such as special equipment.

It is suitable for drying, dehumidifying, cleaning and freezing in various industries.

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