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Depth analysis of the screw conveyor selection key points.
Suzhou taixiang electromechanical equipment co. LTD.-miya 2017-12-29 13:29:06 61次

In the industrial production, how do we choose the screw conveyor? The following is the key to the selection of the screw conveyor.

1. Conveying capacity: the conveying capacity of the screw conveyor refers to the amount of material transported in the unit time.

When conveying bulk materials, the mass or volume of the material transported per hour is calculated;

When conveying an item, calculate the number of pieces per hour.

In combination with linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen and other vibrating screen equipment, it is necessary to calculate the feed amount of vibrating screen and control the throughput.

Most conveyors should consider whether to use with other production equipment before design and production, so as to design the model of conveyor reasonably.

2. Conveying speed of the spiral conveyor: progress in conveying speed can improve transportation capacity.

The conveying speed is increasing when the conveyor belt is used as a tractor and the conveying length is large.

But the belt conveyor with high-speed operation should pay attention to vibration, noise and start, brake and so on.

For the conveyor with the chain as the traction piece, the conveying speed should not be too large to prevent the increase of the dynamic load.

At the same time, the feeding machine should be controlled by process, and the conveying speed should be determined according to the production process.

3. Component dimensions: the dimensions of the screw conveyor include the width of the conveyor belt, the width of the strip, the volume of the hopper, the diameter of the pipe and the size of the container.

The dimensions of these components directly affect the conveying capacity of the screw feeder.

4. Conveying length and inclination: the length and inclination of the transmission line directly affect the total resistance of the screw conveyor and the required power.

Now there are many types of conveyor, which have direct parallel feed, some have a certain inclination Angle, so it is necessary to illustrate these conditions when selecting the screw feeder.

5. The screw conveyor motor can choose adjustable speed regulating motor and ordinary motor to control the conveying speed and the throughput per hour.

Add hopper to feed inlet and size of feed hopper.

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