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What is a chain?
Suzhou taixiang electromechanical equipment co. LTD.-miya 2017-12-29 13:20:13 61次

The chain plate line is the abbreviation of chain conveyor or chain conveyor.

The chain conveyor line can withstand heavy load and long distance transport;

The line body form is a straight line, turn to convey;

The width of the chain can be designed according to the customer or the actual situation.

The chain plate form is straight chain plate, turning chain plate.

The main structure is made of carbon steel spray or galvanized, clean room and food industry is made of stainless steel.

Chain plate conveyor line is widely used in diesel engines, household appliances, food, automobile, motorcycle, engine, and other industries of assembly and transportation.

The characteristics of chain plate line:

1, chain plate line transmission surface smooth smooth, small friction, material in a smooth transition between the conveyor line, can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other material, also can transport all kinds of bags.

2. The chain plate is made of stainless steel and engineering plastics and other materials, with a wide range of specifications, which can be selected according to the conveying materials and process requirements, which can meet the different needs of various industries.

3. The chain plate line can be washed directly with water or directly soaked in water.

The equipment is clean and convenient and can meet the hygienic requirements of the food and beverage industry.

4. Flexible layout of chain cable equipment.

It can be delivered horizontally, slanted and turned on a conveyor line.

5. Simple structure, smooth operation and convenient maintenance.

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