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A brief discussion on the production line advantage of stainless steel drum.
Suzhou taixiang electromechanical equipment co. LTD.-miya 2017-12-29 13:19:31 62次

Stainless steel unpowered roller production line is a kind of modern logistics transportation equipment, with the continuous winding machine, reciprocating hoist and spiral winding machine, can have the effect of transport of goods, in addition, there are similar to the mechanization of automatic equipment including sealing machine, opening machine, packing machine, winding machine or stacker crane, etc.

So, what are the application industries of stainless steel drum production line?

The personage inside course of study says, this product can be applied to all walks of life, such as food industry, beverage industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, packaging industry, processing industry, etc., which can be according to the actual needs of customers for spatial layout or the design of the production process, and can also provide belt, roller, chain plate and chain network, and other various types of special vehicle accessories.

Stainless steel unpowered roller production line production enterprise is the good faith management, and in line with innovative ideas, the use of sophisticated technology provides the advantage for the general customer service, to ensure product quality and reliable, courteous service.

The diameter of the stainless steel unpowered roller production line consists of various types, such as 25 mm and 32 mm and 38 mm, 42 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 76 mm or 89 mm, the material includes carbon steel galvanized, chrome plating, plastic bags, stainless steel and PVC.

Its type includes the power roller, the sprocket drum, the accumulator drum, the electric drum, O - type tank.

According to the installation method, it can also be divided into the inner shaft, the whole flat tenon and the shaft pin hole type.

Customers' different requirements, the use of the unpowered roller production line of stainless steel is different also, at this time will be according to the need for personalized custom, manufacturers can do all it can to meet customer requirements.

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