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Introduction of automobile engine assembly line process.
Suzhou taixiang electromechanical equipment co. LTD.-miya 2017-12-29 13:17:59 55次

The automobile engine is the whole heart of the car, and its manufacturing technology is the centralized embodiment of the vehicle manufacturing technology.

The process of automobile engine assembly line has a decisive influence on product quality.

Therefore, in order to improve assembly quality and production efficiency, we must analyze and study the whole process of assembly line process of automobile engine.

The process flow of automobile engine assembly line is as follows:

1. The cylinder body is facing down, and the cylinder body, crankshaft, camshaft feeding, cleaning, blower, diesel engine model, label printing.

2, the cylinder body after the turn 180 °, marking for confirmation.

3. The cylinder body is turned upside down.

4. Loosen the roof, remove the roof, install the upper and lower bush, install the piston cooling nozzle, insert the camshaft to enter the key, install the camshaft thrust plate, the crankshaft, and the key.

5. Drive the front-end pin, drive the front-end main oil channel bowl plug, install the front-end double head bolt, install the right end wire plug, install the main bearing cover and crankshaft thrust plate and tighten it.

6. Drive the back end pin, drive the main oil channel bowl type plug, install the rear oil seal seat, install the oil pump, install the gear cooling nozzle (install the supercharger return oil connector).

7. Cylinder hole oil, piston, connecting rod cap, tightening connecting rod bolt, internal fitting inspection.

8. Install the front panel of the diesel engine, install camshaft gear, install idler wheel shaft, idler wheel, install crankshaft gear, and install front cover plate (including the front cover plate).

9. Install the filter assembly, oil sump coating, install oil sump and tighten.

10. Confirm the internal assembly, install the oil ruler sleeve, install the shock absorber, install the support column, the diesel engine model, the serial number, and record the engine record.

11, connecting rod marking, decomposition, after cleaning the grouping, the piston connecting rod connecting rod, piston weight heating, with the piston pin, piston cylinder block installed flip up above 180 ° cylinder.

12. Install the rear end plate, drive the back end bushing, install the flywheel, install the clutch disc and pressure plate, install the filter seat and machine filter, and install the generator support.

13. Install the chiller, install the water pump assembly, install the vacuum pump assembly, install the vacuum pump lubricating oil pipe and install the fuel injection pump assembly.

14, install the fuel injection pump assembly, oil supply Angle measuring tool installation, adjustment of fuel supply advance Angle, fuel injection pump back-end screw installation, install the fuel injection pump gear, VE pump oil return connector installation, choice of cylinder head gasket, cylinder head gasket installation.

15. Lifting cylinder head and tightening cylinder head bolts.

16. Install the rocker assembly, adjust the valve clearance, and lubricate the arm shaft.

17. Check valve clearance, install respirator, install the rocker cover assembly, install the fuel injector assembly, and install the small return tubing assembly.

18. Install the generator assembly, install the v-belt, install the exhaust pipe, install the exhaust pipe heat shield, and install the warm air hose connection.

19. Install the high pressure oil pipe, tighten the thermostat bolts, cover the cover of the pump front cover, tighten and install the inlet pipe.

20, install exhaust T/C wire, install the exhaust pipe to take over the use of to installed, T/C (supercharger), T/C oil hose, T/C inlet pipe installation, T/C inlet pipe installation, return pipe, vacuum pump pipe, install the exhaust pipe to take over, with the front baffle and back baffle, exhaust bearing installed.

21, with the EGR valve, inlet nozzle installed and masks, breathing apparatus, ventilator hose, install an EGR tube with the oil dipstick, idle lifting device installed, installation, hydraulic joints, water leakage, appearance inspection.

22, oil test, filling oil leakage, appearance inspection engine assembly lines and special equipment: online single cleaning machine, marking machine, assembly conveyor line, single free roller, the double flexible cylinder head, cylinder motor groove tray carrier, elevator, turnover, coating machine, combined bolt tightening machine, pressure machine, oil seal pressure bearing outer ring vibration machine, clearance measurement machine, tight sealing performance, engine test machine, heating machine, piston assembly comprehensive performance test rig, torque calibration instrument, pneumatic wrench, the assembly line

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