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China's first motorcycle robot production line is put into operation in chongqing.
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The first production line of motorcycle robot in China was put into operation in chongqing, and the production efficiency increased by 42.8%.

In the next month, the overall relocation of the construction industry company with a static investment of nearly 1.3 billion yuan will be fully completed.

Reporters yesterday (May 20, 2009) understands from the company, currently located in the first phase of the construction of new plant area of northwest industrial park, 68 new production lines, also built the first in the domestic motorcycle industry robot automatic production line, and has been formally put into production, with the annual output of 1.5 million units (sets) the ability of motorcycles and engines.

Robots replace manual welding.

Yesterday morning, the reporter sees in the construction of new plant, welding production line 9 workstation, symmetrical two rows have set up 11 welding machine, these two meters high yellow robot arm swoop, welding process of electric arc and spark, at the same time, densely shortness of spot welding and gas welding in the strong noise.

Around these robots, the automatic transporter shuttles back and forth along the fixed line, hauling motorcycle frames and various production materials for welding robots.

Reporter noticed that on the welding production line, in addition to manual workers put the frame on automatic vehicle, on the whole production line is no longer need to manual workers, realizes the unmanned automatic production.

The qualified rate has been increased by nearly 30%.

Next to the welding production line, the construction company specially placed robots and workers manually welding each one of the frame, for comparison.

It can be seen clearly that the welded frame of the robot is smooth and smooth, the welding spot is beautiful and the welding quality is high, while the manual welding points are not straight and the solder joints are rough.

Construction industry company deputy general manager LeiQianGong said that the first robot for the domestic motorcycle industry production line, the automation rate reached 90%, the production efficiency increased by 42.8%, the qualified rate was increased from 70% to 97%.

Less than 3,000 workers.

"The construction of new factories has taken a lot of automation equipment and production lines, and the automatic slide for material transmission is 16 kilometers long."

"It can be connected to the flat from li's family," said the head of the construction industry company.

According to the introduction, after the completion of the new plant, the construction capacity of the construction company increased by 50%, the number of workers from 11660 to 7906, a total reduction of 3,000 people.

And from the original factory building area of 311000 square meters to 230000 square meters, the construction land was down more than 147 mu, its output reached 11.2 billion yuan per square kilometer, and the net asset value reached 2.2 billion yuan, increased by 238% than before and.

Chongqing car companies have robots.

As a matter of fact, all the major automobile manufacturers in chongqing have already been using robots for many years in welding, coating and stamping production lines.

According to changan automobile company, the robot used by the company can be described as "UN troops", and the number has reached dozens.

It is said that in 1996, the company first introduced the German company's KRC32 6-axis pneumatic spot welding robot on the welding line of 100,000 SC6331 series of micro-minivans.

Since then, and in the "changan star of eighty thousand welding production line imported Italian company again and H1 H4 servo spot welding robot type stud welding robot, Japan OTC arc welding robot, KRC inspection robot.

It is said that after changan introduced the KRC32 spot welding robot, the number of single-shift production increased significantly, which reached five times the output of manual welding line.

In addition, the changan suzuki company in stamping production line imported ABB company's newest stamping IRB6660 robots, changan ford Mazda has also a large number of the industrial robot, the nanjing factory was on the flexible welding line, using 85 robot automatic welding frame of main structure.

In addition, qingling automobile, lifan automobile also adopted welding robot.

Among them, lifan automobile cost tens of millions of yuan last year, introduced the intelligent robot production line, the production efficiency increased from the original 3.5 minutes to 2.3 minutes, the production efficiency increased 34 percent.

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