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Method of adjusting rotation precision of FAG bearings.
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Whether the precision of a FAG bearing is accurate is related to the life of FAG bearing, and if it can be applied correctly, its life can also be extended naturally.

To get the accuracy of the FAG bearing rotation is a lot of testing, and only a large number of tests can have accurate data.

The following is the method to adjust the rotation precision of FAG bearings.

After installation of the FAG bearing in the main engine, such as measuring the radial pulsation of the bearing spindle, it can be found that the measured value of each rotation has a certain change.

When measured continuously, it can be found that after a certain number of turns, the change will be approximately repeated.

Measure for cyclic rotation accuracy degree of the change, change the approximately duplicated the revolution, on behalf of cyclic rotation accuracy "cycle", the value of the amplitude changed in quasi cycle, is the cycle rotation accuracy is poor.

If the main shaft of the FAG bearing is properly preloaded, the rotating speed will be gradually raised to the working speed, so as to carry out the "grinding" effect of the bearing and improve the rotation precision of the spindle.

The dimensions of the measuring shaft and bearing hole are measured to determine the matching precision of the bearing, and the matching requirements are as follows: the inner ring and the shaft have been used to cooperate with each other, and the amount of excess is 0 ~ +4 (0) in the light load and high precision;

The outer ring and the bearing hole are used for clearance, and the clearance amount is 0 ~ +6. M (but when the bearing of the free end is used to contact ball bearing, it can also increase the clearance).

The surface roundness error of the shaft and the seat hole is below 2 mu m, and the end face of the bearing is below 2 mu m, and the external face of the end face of the shaft shoulder is below 2 mu m.

The shaft of the bearing block is bounded on the axis by the axis.

In front of the main shaft, the inner end of the front cover is below 4 mu m.

Fixed end FAG bearings on the shaft before installation: will the kerosene used to clean the bearing with clean thoroughly clean, for grease lubrication, the first containing 3% ~ 3% of organic solvent injection bearing grease for degreasing, cleaning and quantitative grease oil gun will fill in the bearing inner (10% ~ 15%) of the bearing space volume.

Heat bearing the heat up 20 ~ 30 ℃, using hydraulic press the bearing into shaft end;

Press the sleeve to the shaft and place the bearing end face to the position with the appropriate pressure.

Will spring balance tape volume on the bearing outer ring, use the method of measuring start torque calibration of pre-loaded whether there is a substantial change (even if the bearing is correct, but due to cooperate or cage, the deformation of the preload also has the potential to change).

Will import bearings, shaft assembly into the hole: heating holes make up 20 ~ 30 ℃, with a continuous gentle pressure of bearing - shaft assembly into the hole;

Adjust the front cover, make the front cover of the fastening quantity from 0.02 to 0.02 mu m, based on bearing outer end face, will dial gauge meter resistance on shaft neck surface, will beat measuring the rotation axis, request error under 10 microns.

The micrometer is positioned on the shaft, the head is resistant to the inner surface of the backseat hole, and the axis is rotated to measure the coaxiality of the front and rear seat holes of the bearing pedestal.

The free end bearing is selectively placed in the position where the offset deviation may be offset, installed to the rear bearing position of the bearing seat, and as much as possible to offset the roundness deviation and coaxial deviation of each other.

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