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Mobile Internet creates new direction of electromechanical manufacturing industry.
Suzhou taixiang electromechanical equipment co. LTD.-miya 2017-12-29 13:10:57 186次

The age of the Internet has been completely about the daily life of the masses, the latest generation of mobile Internet also officially opened the operation innovation and reform in the road only grope is irreplaceable, and state a number of strong support for the mobile Internet, there is no doubt that brought this batch of new seeker courage and encouragement, and also accelerates the pace of economy transformation.

It can be said that the era of mobile Internet to escort the traditional industries has been opened, and many traditional industries have begun to operate in order to seize the opportunity.

In the business and Internet industries of information change, waiting is undoubtedly a missed opportunity for development, and this is no exception for the electromechanical manufacturing industry.

China is a large country with a mechanical and electrical manufacturing, according to related statistics, in the past 2013, the year's first quarter alone to complete the import and export of more than $four thousand target, compared with a year earlier reached more than 5.5% of the growth rate, and this number in all the goods trade accounts for more than 49% of the proportion in the total amount, it serves to show the rapid and important degree of industry development.

In recent years, with the successful operation of "mechanical and electrical manufacturing network, its pull offline operation mode of development, online in the electrical and mechanical manufacturing industry is a stone up, has caused numerous experts.

Times development, is popular in all walks of life, and the development of these projects and expanding support is inseparable from the mechanical and electrical, and mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry revolution is bound to bring about a big competition, and now the fastest the most comprehensive media is the mobile Internet, Internet is the world ".

Mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry under the protection of the mobile Internet gained more solid solid effect, and a series of mature application client APP and WeChat work platform has for the normal operation of the offline contributed a lot of power, has realized the online sales rose steadily, as traditional offline marketing trend.

Today, many petroleum chemical industry related to application of three nets are to gain the recognition of a large number of audience and use, manufacture of mechanical and electronic industry in online development is bound to be more walk more wide, sharp horizontal development.

As for the future, it is optimistic that the low quality operation mode of mobile Internet will continue to play offline marketing and improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

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