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Use information technology to improve factory processes.
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After the preliminary statistics, the implement process information, process efficiency increased by 30% ~ 40%, the nc machining of chassis parts increased from 40% to 40%, and achieve the production efficiency of nc machining after the traditional processing way is generally increased 3 ~ 5 times, especially the CNC plasma cutting, machining efficiency is improved more than 10 times, the material utilization from 50% to 80%;

The pass pass rate was increased by 1.73% to 99.93%...

With the continuous popularization of computer application promotion, in order to adapt to the fierce market competition, the factory continuously introduce advanced management ideas and management methods, build the internal LAN, wan connection, and group purchase and comprehensive application open mesh CAPP/BOM/EDM, Pro/E software, improve the technology of preparation and NC programming method, and combined with the need to configure the PDM system, solved the problems of process management.

To enhance the process of informatization, the full implementation of the plant technology and process management level, shorten the cycle of product development, development, production, improves the processing and manufacturing level and product quality.

And this is the breakthrough point, which led to the construction of the whole factory informatization.

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