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The electromechanical import and export chamber of commerce has made a statement on photovoltaic "double counter".
Suzhou taixiang electromechanical equipment co. LTD.-miya 2017-12-29 13:09:48 69次

Recently, according to the Commerce Department has for crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells from the People's Republic of China and component and before the anti-dumping early determinations made by countervailing affirmative preliminary ruling, the Chinese mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce announced has organized 14 Chinese enterprises to actively cope with the investigation of injury to a trade at the same time, initiated by China's four largest photovoltaic products supplier "photovoltaic promote alliance" here also announced the formation of.

At the meeting, for the U.S. department of commerce of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells from the People's Republic of China anti-dumping decision, anti-dumping rate is 31.14% - 31.14% of Chinese enterprises, and provisional anti-dumping measures for this type of product is decided, the Chinese photovoltaic industry through mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce in China to make four statements:

The competitive advantage of Chinese products has nothing to do with dumping.

China crystal silicon photovoltaic cells have a price advantage in the competition, the root cause lies in the photovoltaic industry chain in China in recent years of development, China pv enterprises higher management level and production scale and business strategy.

China's state-owned enterprises have no desire to undercut the market, including export dumping.

Chinese enterprises have the margin of dumping was ruled out by the us department of commerce is higher, the main reason is that the United States refused to recognize China's market economy, the Chinese industry turn a blind eye to the fact that under the condition of market economy operation, the discrimination of the "country" prices are compared, and unfair dumping to Chinese enterprises in human existence, and determine the margin of dumping established in the Chinese companies without any reason, such an act would not be in accordance with the status quo of China's market economy development, also highlights the serious tendency of trade protectionism.

The rights and interests of enterprises in China should not be fully guaranteed.

In the anti-dumping investigations, and responses to Chinese companies in a variety of ways to participate in the department of commerce investigation procedure, with a positive, cooperative attitude to respond, but we believe that China's responding to the rights and interests of enterprises has not been fully guaranteed.

The us department of commerce still USES a discriminatory "surrogate country" policy, designating a "surrogate country" in an arbitrary manner and setting a comparable price on that basis.

On the choice of country, without fully considering the industry scale, maturity and industry comparable, this method is to ignore the Chinese economy and the present situation of the photovoltaic industry, distorted by responses to enterprise's production costs, highlights arbitrary and result oriented, ultimately determine the respondent enterprises at the beginning of the high cutting tax rates, to this, Chinese companies said.

China's photovoltaic cells have not harmed U.S. industries.

The price of American silicon photovoltaic panels and components has declined in recent years, but it is not caused by Chinese photovoltaic cells, mainly from raw materials - polysilicon prices have fallen due to global oversupply.

Competition at the same time, the thin film photovoltaic cells, the federal and local governments demand stimulus policy and financial support, consumer demand, and other alternatives competition factors lead to the price decline crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels and components.

Solarword company does not represent the photovoltaic battery industry in the United States, according to the mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce, a large American solar manufacturers and represents more than 1000 U.S. manufacturers of America's solar industry alliance, both for the preliminary measures expressed strong opposition, they think the preliminary decision is short-sighted, the Obama administration for serious setback of clean and renewable energy policy.

The initial result of the imposition of anti-dumping duty is not beneficial to others.

For the production of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, China's imports from the United States more than $20 a year raw materials such as polysilicon, EVA, slurry, production enterprises in China in 2010 from the United States imported equipment and technology transfer fee paid a lot for $3 billion, the Chinese photovoltaic cells and components also exports to the us for the downstream industry (especially photovoltaic industry) has made great contributions to the development of.

Therefore, if the us government finally imposes trade restrictions on China's crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, it will be detrimental to the development of the global photovoltaic energy market, especially in the us.

China pv enterprises hope that the U.S. department of commerce in the next step for anti-dumping investigation procedure established to correct the incorrect, unfair practices, objective and fair to responses to Chinese companies and their cooperation and defense, to avoid unreasonable hurt these responses to the legitimate interests of the enterprise.

At the same time, China's photovoltaic enterprises will be united and continue to fight vigorously, tenaciously and forcefully in anti-dumping and anti-subsidy procedures, and do their utmost to safeguard their legitimate interests.

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